RoboCupRescue Robot League 2022 Rules

22 April 2022

Updated rules page is now available from ! Please see that page for future updates.

10 March 2022

The first draft of the initial sections of the rulebook are available for comment! This year the rulebook has been split into sections to facilitate faster updating.

We are accepting comments for these sections from now until the 21st of March, 2022. Please email with your comments, or post to the thread on the forum.

  • Part 1: Qualification and Competition Logistics.
  • Part 2: Maneuvering.
  • Part 3: Mobility.
  • Part 4: Dexterity.

The following sections are still in development. Please keep an eye on the mailing list, forum, or Facebook group to be notified about updates and new releases.

  • Part 5: Search and Inspect.
  • Part 6: Exploration and Mapping.
  • Part 7: Outdoor Carrybot.
  • Part 8: Aerials.
  • Construction Guide.

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